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Custom Augers
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Double Auger System_________

The MARKET PLASTIC DOUBLE AUGER SYSTEM features both a cross auger & vertical auger. Ideal for the one man operation. The cross auger fills each compartment of the seed drill allowing you to be at the gravity box door for seed treatment  and volume control. All double auger systems are standard with cupped plastic flighting to decrease damage to fragile seed. The cross auger can also be filled with a gravity box auger.

The cross auger pivots out of the way to allow access to the lids for opening & closing.

Both augers feature a 6 cubic inch motor & valve and can be plumbed in series so that only one set of hydraulic remotes are required.





15' Single Auger Seed-Fill_______

Our 15' Market Single Auger Seed-Fill is designed to store within the transport width of the seed drill & swings out be to a fill position. The auger remains stationary while the telescoping 3 stage  downspout allows easy reach to the seed compartments.

Flighting options include 5" cupped plastic, 5-5/8" cupped steel & 5-5/8" straight blade plastic flighting.

Solid flighting such as the cupped plastic, straight blade plastic and the cupped steel are the preference of seed growers. They tend to empty completely allowing for different seed varieties to be moved without contamination.


14' Single Auger Seed-Fill JD 1990____________________


15' Single Auger Seed-Fill Kinze 3500 planter_____________



18' Single Auger Seed-Fill Kinze 3600 ASD_______________



18' Single Auger Seed-Fill CIH 1200 pivot planter__________



18' Single Auger Seed-Fill JD 1590 & 1790______________



20' Single Auger Seed-Fill 40' CIH 550T & NEW HOLLAND 2185P DISC AIR DRILLS______________


18' Single Auger Seed-Fill JD N530C air drill_____________




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                                                 click for Seed-Fill Auger Lit. (rear page)

                     click for Seed-Fill Auger Lit. CIH 500& & NEW HOLLAND 2080P/2085P


Optional Sky Hook

The SKY HOOK allows one person to fill the seed drill or planter & control the gravity box flow.

The SKY HOOK keeps the end of the downspout above the seed/fertilizer as it flows into your drill or planter.