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Custom Augers
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"REACH FOR THE CLOUDS" with our  6" x 18'  MAXIMUM REACH AUGER.  In today's market, planters and seed drills are getting bigger and bigger as well as harder and harder to fill.  Because of height and distance to the seed tanks, it becomes almost impossible to reach.  Not anymore, the 18' Maximum Reach Auger has 28' of frontal reach & 55' of actual side to side working reach.

Standard features on this auger include 5" cupped plastic flighting, a 3-stage telescoping downspout that extends to 17', a hinged cleanout door and an electric on/off valve with remote keyfob.

The standard hopper fits door widths up to 381/2".  An optional 60" hopper is available for larger door widths.

Safety first.  The auger folds for transporting from field to field with no worries of catching low wires or other obstacles. Ideal for storage when the planting season is done.

                 Optional SKY HOOK

The SKY HOOK allows one person to fill the seed drill or planter & control the gravity box flow.

The SKY HOOK keeps the end of the downspout above the seed/fertilizer as it flows into your drill or planter.





6" x 16' MAXIMUM REACH AUGER is ideal for filling today's larger planters & air seeders.

This auger is top driven and includes a support bearing and clean-out at the bottom.

The unique hopper design allows the auger to swing easily from side to side while the auger spout remains pointing in a downward direction.

Available with bristle, cupped steel, plastic & 5" cupped plastic flighting.

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