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Custom Augers
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Our solenoid valve kit can be used to turn on and off most hydraulic augers.  Two control options are available, a cable assembly or a wireless remote.  Either can be used to operate the electric solenoid valve's on/off capability.




The cable assembly consists of a waterproof on/off switch, a stretch cord and 22' of solid electrical cord.  Ideal for augers with telescoping downspouts.

The SKY HOOK allows one person to fill the seed drill or planter & control the gravity box flow.

The SKY HOOK keeps the end of the downspout above the seed/fertilizer as it flows into your drill or planter.


 WIRELESS REMOTE                 


The wireless remote allows you the freedom to control your auger from anywhere.  Whether at the end of the telescoping downspout or at the gravity box door, the wireless remote is perfect for the one man farm operations.