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Custom Augers
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          FLEXIBLE DOWNSPOUTS                                                                                           

 Flex hose have long been the standard on most hydraulic augers.  Our flexible downspouts have a wire heli-coil built in for extra strength when moving.  We have found that the rubber downspouts (non-wire re-enforced) can pinch off the flow of the material causing plugging and damage, especially to seed.  Flex downspouts are available in 5", 6", 7" & 8" diameters.


                             RIGID DOWNSPOUTS

Our rigid 6" x 5' downspout is perfect for bulk fill applications where a telescoping downspout is not required.  The 18" flex hose allows movement while the rigid pipe directs the material into the hoppers without sagging.  A flex hose that is to long can sag and cause a plugging problem.




Telescoping downspouts are available for 6" & 8" diameter augers.  They extend and retract to distribute material easier, faster and with less spillage.                   

Our short 6" 3-stage downspout extends to 10' and retracts to 5'. Ideal for most gravity box augers. The long 6" 3-stage downspout extends to 17' and retracts to 7' and is primarily used on our transport augers, but will work on longer gravity box augers as well.                                 

The 8" 3-stage downspout extends to 16' and retracts to 6'.         


                 SKY HOOK

The SKY HOOK allows one person to fill the seed drill or planter & control the gravity box flow.

The SKY HOOK keeps the end of the downspout above the seed/fertilizer as it flows into your drill or planter.