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Custom Augers
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      6"Gravity Box Auger Tubes___________

Along with our ULTRA GLIDE AUGERS,  MARKET FARM EQUIPMENT offers plastic replacement auger tubes for a number of our competitors augers.

These plastic auger tubes allow you to use most of the augers existing parts like the flighting, hopper, hoses, winch, motor/valve and in most cases even the 6"downspout.

When replacing both tube and flighting, lengths can be increased. Standard lengths are 12', 14' & 15'.

Market plastic replacement tube shown on J&M's patented Uni-Swivel hopper design.

Plastic tubes available for the following steel augers:
Market 612, 120 Pivot Style
J&M Pivot Style, Uni-Swivel
Turnco 12T4, 14T4
Killbros 110, 112, 114, 115

Unverferth/McCurdy AG-12, AG-14

   Gravity Box Auger Flighting_________________

Flightings available: (top driven)

5-5/8" straight blade plastic

5" cupped plastic

5-5/8" cupped steel

7" cupped plastic

7-1/2" straight blade plastic

7-1/2" cupped steel


Lengths available:

12', 14', 15', 18', 20' & 25'

12', 14', 15', 18', 20' & 25'

12', 14', 15', 18', 20' & 25'

12', 14', 20' & 25'

12', 14', 20' & 25'

12', 14', 20' & 25'


  Gravity Box Auger Parts___________________


Pan style adjustable hopper for J&M, Market pivot style augers. Fits up to a 38 1/2" door opening. Clean-out port on underside of hopper.


Universal transport bracket c/w rubber strip helps prevent tube wear. Bracket can be mounted square in the corner as the curved cradle rotates to the required position.


Motor mount plates are available for either 2 bolt or 4 bolt motors . Both feature an extended mount to keep the motor seals away from fertilizer.


An adaptor bracket is available to allow the old Unverferth, Killbros or Turnco augers to mount in our adjustable hopper design.

       Extension wing kit for pivot style hopper adjusts from 38 1/2"

               to 60" door widths.